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Please note - We DO NOT process payments for ANY violation from the states of IL, CA , FL, or IA

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a violation for speeding but I was not driving.  Do I have to pay it?

An automated photo speed violation is considered a civil violation.  The law states the owner of the  vehicle is responsible. You may "transfer" the violation to the driver of the vehicle by filling out an affidavit.  It should be noted that if the violation is not paid, the owner remains responsible for the violation.

If I pay the violation, will my insurance go up? ANSWER:
No.  This violation is a civil violation and is not reported to insurance companies.

Will points be added to my license if I pay the violation? ANSWER:
No.  This violation is a civil violation and is NOT considered a traffic or moving violation.

What will happen if I don't pay the fine?
If the violation is not paid, you will be issued a second violation. Look at the back of your citation to be advised of your situation. Once in court, the Judge has total jurisdiction to adjudicate the case.
*NOTE: A late fee will be assigned if the violation is not paid within 30 days. Additional fees may apply. Please see back of your citation for exact amounts*

I don't live in the state where I received the violation.  What will happen if I don't pay it? ANSWER:
Courts may adjudicate cases based on the jurisdiction's laws and/or ordinances. Failure to pay the violation may result in court action and/or the debt being sent to collections and credit bureaus.

Can I pay my violation over the phone?
Yes, pay your violation over the phone by calling 855.252.0086.  Visa, Discover, and Mastercard are accepted. (You may also pay online using the same credit/debit cards). Please patiently listen to the prompts. If you wish to speak to a representative, please press "9" or "0" Click
HERE to make your payment now.

If I pay my violation online, is it secure?
ANSWER: Yes, we use the most up to date and secure SSL technology to ensure total privacy and security for your online payment.  We do not maintain any record of your card information.

What happens if I don't pay the citation within 30 days? ANSWER:

You will receive a second notice with an added late fee. The late fees range from $20 to double that of the original fine, depending on the agency and type of violation. Please the view the back of your citation for information regarding late fees.